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A famous singer recently won a lawsuit against an advertising firm for using another singer in a commercial to evoke the famous singer's well-known rendition of a certain song.As a result of the lawsuit,advertising firms will stop using imitators in commercials.Therefore,advertising costs will rise,since famous singers’ services cost more than those of their imitators.


The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?


(A)  Most people are unable to distinguish a famous singer's rendition of a song from a good imitator's rendition of the same song.

(B)  Commercials using famous singers are usually more effective than commercials using imitators of famous singers.

(C)  The original versions of some well-known songs are unavailable for use in commercials

(D)  Advertising firms will continue to use imitators to mimic the physical mannerisms of famous singers.

(E)  The advertising industry will use well-known renditions of songs in commercials


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2. The interview is an essential part of a successful hiring program because,with it,job applicants who have personalities that are unsuited to the requirements of the job will be eliminated from consideration.


The argument above logically depends on which of the following assumptions?


(A)  A hiring program will be successful if it includes interviews.

(B)  The interview is a more important part of a successful hiring program than is the development of a job description.

(C)  Interviewers can accurately identify applicants whose personalities are unsuited to the requirements of the job。

(D)  The only purpose of an interview is to evaluate whether job applicants’ personalities are suited to the requirements of the job.

(E)  The fit of job applicants’ personalities to the requirements of the job was once the most important factor in making hiring decisions.


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3. Traditionally, decision making by managers that is reasoned step-by-step has been considered preferable to intuitive decision making.However a recent study found that top managers used intuition significantly more than did most middle-or lower-level managers.This confirms the alternative view that intuition is actually more effective than careful,methodical reasoning.


The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?


(A)  Methodical,step—by-step reasoning is inappropriate for making many real-life management decisions

(B)  Top managers have the ability to use either intuitive reasoning or methodical,step-by-step reasoning in making decisions.

(C)  The decisions made by middle-and lower-level managers can be made as easily by using methodical reasoning as by using intuitive reasoning.

(D)  Top managers use intuitive reasoning in making the majority of their decisions.

(E)  Top managers are more effective at decision making than middle-or lower-level managers.



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4. When people evade income taxes by not declaring taxable income,a vicious cycle results。Tax evasion forces lawmakers to raise income tax rates,which causes the tax burden on non-evading taxpayers to become heavier This,in turn,encourages even more taxpayers to evade income taxes by hiding taxable income.


The vicious cycle described above could not result unless which of the following were true?


(A)   An increase in tax rates tends to function as an incentive for taxpayers to try to increase their pretax incomes.

(B)  Some methods for detecting tax evaders,and thus recovering some tax revenue lost through evasion,bring in more than they cost.but their success rate varies from year to year

(C)  When lawmakers establish income tax rates in order to generate a certain level of revenue,they do not allow adequately for revenue that will be lost through evasion.

(D)  No one who routinely hides some taxable income can be induced by a lowering of tax rates to stop hiding such income unless fines for evaders are raised at the same time.

(E)  Taxpayers do not differ from each other with respect to the rate of taxation that will cause them to evade taxes.



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5. Generally scientists enter their field with the goal of doing important new research and accept as their colleagues those with similar motivation.Therefore,when any scientist wins renown as an expounder of science to general audiences,most other scientists conclude that this popularizer should no longer be regarded as a true colleague.


The explanation offered above for the low esteem in which scientific popularizers are held by research scientists assumes that


(A)  serious scientific research is not a solitary activity, but relies on active cooperation among a group of colleagues

(B)  research scientists tend not to regard as colleagues those scientists whose renown they envy

(C)  a scientist can become a famous popularizer without having completed any important research

(D)  research scientists believe that those who are well known as popularizers of science are not motivated to do important new research

(E)  no important new research can be accessible to or accurately assessed by those who are not themselves scientists



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A cost-effective solution to the problem of airport congestion is to provide high-speed ground transportation between major cities lying 200 to 500 miles apart.The successful implementation of this plan would cost far less than expanding existing airports and would also reduce the number of airplanes clogging both airports and polluting the air.


Which of the following,if true,could proponents of the plan above most appropriately cite as a piece of evidence for the soundness of their plan?


(A)  An effective high.speed ground-transportation system would require major repairs to many highways and mass-transit improvements.

(B)  One-half of all departing flights in the nation's busiest airport head for a destination in a major city 225 miles away.

(C)  The majority of travelers departing from rural airports are flying to destinations in cities over 600 miles away.

(D)  Many new airports are being built in areas that are presently served by high’s peed ground-transportation systems.

(E)  A large proportion of air travelers are vacationers who are taking long-distance flights.



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7. Advocates of a large-scale space·defense research project conclude that it will represent a net benefit to civilian business.They say that since government-sponsored research will have civilian applications,civilian businesses will reap the rewards of government-developed technology.


Each of the following l if true I raises a consideration arguing against the conclusion above, EXCEPT:


(A)  The development of cost-efficient manufacturing techniques is of the highest priority for civilian business and would be neglected if resources go to military projects,which do not emphasize cost efficiency.

(B) Scientific and engineering talent needed by civilian business will be absorbed by the large-scale project.

(C)   Many civilian businesses will receive subcontracts to provide materials and products needed by the research project.

(D)  If government research money is devoted to the space project,it will not be available for specifically targeted needs of civilian business,where it could be more efficiently used.

(E)  The increase in taxes or government debt needed to finance the project will severely reduce the vitality of the civilian economy.



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8. Manufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product to retailers for a promotion period when the product is advertised to consumers.Such promotions often result in a dramatic increase in amount of product sold by the manufacturers to retailers.Nevertheless,the manufacturers could often make more profit by not holding the promotions.


Which of the following, if true most strongly supports the claim above about the manufacturers’ profit?


(A)  The amount of discount generally offered by manufacturers to retailers is carefully calculated to represent the minimum needed to draw consumers’ attention to the product.

(B)  For many consumer products the period of advertising discounted prices to consumers is about a week,not sufficiently long for consumers to become used to the sale price.

(C)  For products that are not newly introduced,the purpose of such promotions is to keep the products in the minds of consumers and to attract consumers who are currently using competing products.

(D)  During such a promotion retailers tend to accumulate in their warehouses inventory bought at discount;they then sell much of it later at their regular price.

(E)  If a manufacturer fails to offer such promotions but its competitor offers them,that competitor will tend to attract consumers away from the manufacturer's product.



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9. Country Y uses its scarce foreign exchange reserves to buy scrap iron for recycling into steel; this steel does earn more exchange that it costs. However, this policy is foolish since it doesn't explore the vast iron ore deposits in its own territory which could be extracted with minimal expenditure of foreign exchange. 


Which of the following,if true,provides the strongest support for Country Y's policy of buying scrap iron abroad? 


(A)  The price of scrap iron on international markets rose significantly in 1987.

(B)  Country Y's foreign-exchange reserves dropped significantly in 1987.

(C)  There is virtually no difference in quality between steel produced from scrap iron and that produced from iron ore.

(D)  Scrap iron is now used in the production of roughly half the steel used in the world today, and experts predict that scrap iron will be used even more extensively in the future.

(E)  Furnaces that process scrap iron can be built and operated in Country Y with substantially less foreign exchange than can furnaces that process iron ore.



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10. To evaluate a plan to save money on office-space expenditures by having its employees work at home,XYZ Company asked volunteers from its staff to try the arrangement for six months.During this period,the productivity of these employees was as high as or higher than before.


Which of the following,if true,would argue most strongly against deciding,on the basis of the trial results,to implement the company’s plan?


(A)  The employees who agreed to participate in the test of the plan were among the company’s most self-motivated and independent workers.

(B)  The savings that would accrue from reduced office-space expenditures alone would be sufficient to justify the arrangement for the company, apart from any productivity increases。

(C)  Other companies that have achieved successful results from work-at-home plans have work forces that are substantially larger than that of XYZ.

(D)  The volunteers who worked at home were able to communicate with other employees as necessary for performing the work.

(E)  Minor changes in the way office work is organized at XYZ would yield increases in employee productivity similar to those achieved in the trial.


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